I get stronger every day

I get stronger every day

“I don’t mind falling down and scraping my knees. Scars and stitches always fade and only strengthen me.”


Spotted: The Time Traveler’s Wife circa 2003



A poem or written “babble” from back in high school….


Keep staring at this unknown face

With every hour a new wrinkle appears

You can look in her and see the sadness

So many trials, how does she stand it?

Stand strong through the hardest times

She won’t easily fall

But yet she’s starting to give up hope

Nothing ever looking up, only looking down

Every where she turns no hope or happiness can be found

Internally she’s suffering

Slowly killing herself

When all you know is sadness that all you can exhibit

With every love comes along the hate

Only wanting to be happy, but fear it’s far too late

How do you overcome what you quite figure out?

How can you cry when you don’t know what it’s about?

Looking in the mirror

I see myself growing older

Surfacing is my sad love story

So many hard time but yet I still function

Slowly deteriorating in my own sorry

Who knows how long I have until that final day

That day when I’ll be truly happy

And youthfulness returns to me

I’m so drained from internally suffering