Sh*t My Friends Say (2)

Sh*t My Friends Say (2)

Ready for another hilarious yet brief convo! Lol, here it goes… laugh it up. I did.

Oh FYI… I’m the one in the blue =) haha


Is being a stay at home mom irresponsible?


NO disrespect to the lovely moms who love staying at home changing poopie diapers and wiping snotty noses…but I’m curious if this is actually an irresponsible choice for yourself and your child?

Here are my reasons: 

  1. What if something happens to your significant other and you are now the sole provider for the family?  After years of not having any professional experience how would you go about supporting your family? Sure you can get a job, but as bad as the economy is, I don’t think people are rushing to hire people who have been out of the game for years?
  2. In this uber feminist society, what message do you think you’re sending to your children? To your boys, it’s ok for a woman to stay at home and tend to the house and children while the man goes out and financially provides for the family? Somehow implying that the woman is inferior to the man. To the girls, to look for someone who will provide for her, that it’s ok not to pursue a career because staying at home is more important.?
  3. I’m assuming if you stay at home, your kids stay at home too. Right? I dunno. I feel this may hinder the child’s ability to integrate and socialize with other kids. Like, they could be so attached to that mom, that being with a large group of kids may be intimidating.

 I’m sure staying at home with the kids is great, you don’t miss the first word, the first steps, the first “whoknowswhat” and I’m sure it makes your feel superior to other mom’s who have to work to help support the family…but is all that really necessary? I just think, if I’m lucky enough to find a guy who makes enough money so that I don’t have to work, I’d still find a way to work. I’d have a business at home, or do something to stay relevant in case God forbid something happened to my husband.

 Now before you get defensive, please don’t take this as criticism, I’m only curious. I’m actually really curious, it may be that I just don’t understand the joys of motherhood. I’m just an unmarried graduate student without any kids.